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Graduated from college because of my career as a West Kensington Escort

One of our dreams in life is to finish the study and pursue our chosen career in life. Education is essential since it helps us to find a better job in the future. Many people had a dream to finish school, but unfortunately, they are shortage financially. We saw how education takes people far; mostly they have a comfortable life and good living. It is not easy to live without knowledge, as we see native people are easy to fool because they are dumb. We heard many stories about it, people who have not go to school are belittled and look down. Most people look at them as trash and suit to become a maid. Pity to those uneducated people since they were bullied and out of trends, their small minds have been used and manipulated by many people. When they know you have no sense to talk and nothing knows, they will take advantage of it and control you. Many uneducated people who are suffering to it, many people have used their innocence to put up contrary in their minds. And this is why education is so important; it can change people lives. Also, you can get enough respect and cannot be quick to fool.


I think, I am not just the one who dream to have a comfortable life and finished study, perhaps most of us. I have a neighbor who is a teacher, and I am inspired every time she tells me about school, and how beautiful if a person is educated. In our town, she is the only one that is professional. She is kind and helps kids like me. Every free time she has an open session to all needy children who want to learn.  I live in India, and my family cannot afford to send me to school since we are poverty-stricken, and you know what the situation in our country is.  To my eagerness, I approach my teacher if I could go with her and become a working student. She notices my determination and hard work, and she said yes to me. And I was at the right time since she got an offer to West Kensington.


She was able to send me to school in West Kensington, from preschool to secondary. I also have worked a lot on it; I do all household chores and other commands. But she told me she couldn’t afford to send me to college because she is sick and bedrest. I pity her, but I do not want to stop. I also want to return the favor and help her as soon as I graduate. I heard about West Kensington escort at and applied myself to it. I become a West Kensington escort, and it helped me to finance my school as well as give a little help to her. Years passed, I graduated from college and achieved my dreams in life. Thanks to my career as a West Kensington escort it helps a lot.

He spoiled me and pulled the rug from underneath me

I had sworn never to give up my job at Guilford escorts in for a man, but when I met Alan, I gave it all up. It was so unlike me to give up my job for someone I had only known for a short period of time, however, I must admit that I thought that I was in love Alan. He was one of the most charming men that I had ever met in my life, and I believed everything that he said at a drop of a hat. Honestly, I could not have been more wrong.


Alan was looking for a partner he said who could support him in everything that he did.  He had his own business in Guilford, and had been dating Guilford escorts for business meetings for a long time. Alan explained to me that he had never really been able to find the right girl until he found me, and he thought that I would be perfect for his business. Not only did he say that he loved me, but he also said that he thought that we would make perfect partners.


His approach was so different that he had me fooled. I did not feel that I had anything to lose at all, so I gave up my job with Guilford escorts to spend time with Alan. He had managed to make me feel really special and I did not want to miss out on spending time with him. What I did not know, was that Alan just wanted to have someone at his beck and call 24 per day. It took me some time to realise that I was going to end up as his unpaid escort in Guildford.


I did not really have an income after I had left Guildford escorts. The problem was that I carried on living in my flat with Alan paying all of the relevant expenses. That was okay to start with but I eventually caught on to the fact that I was not making any money for myself. When I had been working for Guildford escorts, I had at least been able to bring home a weekly income and tuck some money away for a rainy day. Now, I only had money for food, and was told to stand by for Alan’s call to me. It was a little bit like my life had been snatched away from me.


Sure, Alan did look after me and paid for all of my clothes and what I needed for our rather extensive dates. But, I started to look at how much money he was spending on me, and I soon realised that it was more cost effective for him to keep me on stand by than to arrange date with me at Guildford escorts. In fact, it came across very much as Alan was just trying to save money on his business function date. If our relationship was all about business, I had a right to a salary. In the end, that was precisely what I asked for. That was then Alan pulled the rug from underneath me, and told me that he did not need my services anymore.

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It is my first time to book a Paddington Escort and my last


I never thought about love since I don’t believe in it. Love doesn’t exist because if it’s I still have my whole family now. I have saw my parents love to each other but ended broke. They are married but file a divorced. And from them, I learned that love only exists for a limited time but not a lifetime. I saw my mother’s agony and I were in pain too. When you can see how your father easily abandon us and get his things? When all the memories we spent together as family went down? All the dreams I wish to achieve with them is not coming true. I hope that every birthday, my father would come. I wait at the last minute to end my birthday but he wasn’t there. I graduated high school and college with my mother. I have expected my father to come and be happy with me. Everything was an imagination. I heard he has a family now and married again to his second wife. I have been through a lot since my father left me. I realized to become strong for my mother because more than I she is really affected. After graduation and a little experience on work, I have earn money to build a business. My mother is my number one supporter and always been there for me. Until I have finally finished the building and start the company. The market begins well, and I have with me the best people. Until such time our business became famous and keep rising. I am so grateful that despite of everything God gave me a blessing. I am so focus and determined with my business that I have no time in a relationship. I don’t want to be too much attached by someone. I have a deal I need to close in Paddington and hired Paddington escort from to accompany me. When I fly to Paddington, I directly went to the place we meet. She is pretty and bubbly. I have closed the deal and spent rest of the time with her. She shared me everything about life that I haven’t heard before. Her smiles melts my heart and I feel how sorrowful she is because of her struggles in life. She makes me realize that there are more other people who is going life more than I. I keep the communication with her and over time I know her better. I know she is the girl for me. She proves to me that love worth taking a risks and never be afraid. I promise that the next book I made will be for lifetime.