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Why sex is better in a long-term relationship – The Guardian

The Guardian
Why sex is better in a long-term relationship
The Guardian
“For women especially, if you're distracted, if you can't relax, it's hard to enjoy sexual pleasure and experience orgasm,” says the clinical sexologist and relationship coach Uta Demontis. In a marriage or a long-term, committed relationship, those

Mila Kunis Says Relationship with Ashton Kutcher Started with Casual Sex –
Mila Kunis Says Relationship with Ashton Kutcher Started with Casual Sex
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are happily married with baby no. 2 on the way, but this is not how the actress expected her life to turn out. "We started dating with the idea we both were never going to get married," the "Bad Mom" star told Howard Stern

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Beware! This is the worst nightmare for men in bed – NAIJ.COM

Beware! This is the worst nightmare for men in bed
45% of all guys suspect their sex partners in faking orgasms. Most men are afraid not being on the level. They fear that they … The bedroom is not the place for your arguments or relationship discussions. Make this place sacred for love. As you see

Let Woolwich Escorts Keep You Warm this Summer

You can’t actually say that the weather in England has been great this year. The girls at Woolwich escorts are all dreaming of sunnier climates and would like to get away from a rainy Britain. It is okay here, but I do feel that I need some sunshine, says Cindy. I have been working hard all summer and it would make me feel so much better if I could just to work in the sun. Now, when I pull back the curtains in the morning, I often wake up to grey skies and that is not very nice at all.


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Charlie from Woolwich escorts feels exactly the same way. I would love to have couple of weeks of so that I can go to Spain. My mom and dad live in a place called Denia on the Costa Blanca in Spain. It is a great holiday destination and right on the Costa Blanca coast. As soon as September comes up, I am planning to take a couple of weeks to go and see them. It will be family time as well as beach time, and at the moment it is exactly what I need. There is nothing like a sunshine holiday.

Carmelia, who is one of the more experienced Woolwich escorts, is a girl who loves the sunshine as well. Greek, she says, I want to go to Greek just to be able to have some time off. I find that the Aegean sea around Kos is really nice and I have this habit of just floating around in the pool when I am there. Sometimes I rent a villa together with a couple of my  Woolwich escorts friends and we just chill out. That is what I am planning to do this time as well. It will be so good to feel the sun on my skin.

Alma is planning a trip to Florida. My sister got married to a guy from a place just outside Miami, she says. As a matter of fact, my sister used to work for Woolwich escorts but left after she met this guy on holiday. They have a lovely house and seem to enjoy life out there. My sister is actually a hairdresser so she works out there as well. It is one of those places that I would just love to live in, and one day I might. Perhaps, I could find myself a my own man from the sunshine state as well as well, laughs Alma.

It sounds like  Woolwich escorts is going to need some holiday cover in the near future. All of the girls are anxious to get away on holiday. Peter, who runs the agency, says that he would like to get some sun as well after a rather wet summer in town. But, he is going to wait until Christmas and do an exotic cruise instead. It is something that I have promised myself for a very long time, says Peter, and this year it is finally going to happen. I am really looking forward to it and so is my partner.

Scenes from a Marriage –
Scenes from a Marriage
My wife and I have been married for 14 years and in a committed (I assumed) relationship for 17 years. Sex between us (often kinky) has always been great. We have a wonderful life together and two perfect children. I thought we were good; turns out

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